Thankful Gift Tags

Thankful Gift Tags

Posted by DecoArt on Nov 8th 2013

This is Amber from Crazy Little Projects here with a project for my very favorite holiday...Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving with all of its warm, cozy traditions and I love thinking about what I am thankful for.

In light of that I thought it would be nice to make some Thankful gift tags to give with small gifts to friends I am thankful for.

The fun thing about these tags is that I use the Paper Effects to make them slightly dimensional!

Items Needed:

  • Cardstock
  • Accessories To Decorate Your Tag
  • String Or Twine


The fun thing about these tags is that I use the Paper Effects to make them slightly dimensional!

If you look really close here you can see that the paint on this tag is raised. It's also a little bit pearly and shiny and looks really nice.

Instruction Image #1

I first printed out the word Thankful from my computer. (If you can free hand this successfully then go for it. I can't, so I used the text to trace.)

Instruction Image #2

Open your Paper Effects. Be careful as you open the package. Down near the bottom you will see a little metal cap that is packaged separately. There is also a tiny little metal pin. You don't want to lose these, so open them carefully.

The metal cap will screw on to the black tip of your Paper Effects bottle:

Instruction Image #3

When you are done using it, you will want that little pin. You can stick it down in there to keep the paint from drying out.

Instruction Image #4

To use the Paper Effects, gently (very gently) squeeze as you write on your tag. Just move like you are writing and gently squeeze the paint on. I practiced a lot first to get the feel of it. I found that if I just squeezed with my thumb it made a very gentle flow that was easy to work with and turned out nice.

This Paper Effects paint dries in just a few minutes and will dry very hard.

Add some stickers, string, twine, etc. to your tag and give it to someone wonderful in your life!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Instruction Image #5

Instruction Image #6