Thrift Store Pumpkin Makeover

Thrift Store Pumpkin Makeover

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 18th 2014

Hello crafters!  We found this fun wood pumpkin at a thrift store for just $0.50!  We couldn't pass it up as we saw potential in it!  We used 2 coats of paint and a little baker's twine to completely transform this little guy. 

Items Needed:

  • Water Basin
  • Palette
  • Paint Brush
  • Baker's Twine
  • Sand Paper


He's a fun addition to our fall decor.  All you need are a couple bottles of paint!

Instruction Image #1

Start by staining your pumpkin brown.  If you have a raw pumpkin, it'll absorb better.  This pumpkin had a high gloss which is fine because I lightly coated it.  I want the undertones to show through in my final sanding. 

Instruction Image #2

Paint it lightly in white when the stain is dry.

Wrap bakers twine around the stem, use hot glue as needed.  We ended up hot gluing nearly every strand as we went.  The 10 minutes of tedious gluing was well worth the final look.

Instruction Image #4

Lightly sand the edges to get your orange & brown to peek through.

Instruction Image #5

We hope you loved this easy makeover. Don't be afraid to repaint or stain fun items you see.  Potential is everywhere!  We hope you'll check out all of our DecoArt ideas on Lolly Jane too!

Instruction Image #6