Thrifted Utensil Crock

Thrifted Utensil Crock

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 7th 2015

A simple crock from the thrift store and Americana Multi-Surface paints are all you need to make a painted utensil crock for your kitchen. A quick and easy project that will get your kitchen organized in no time.

Items Needed:

  • Number Stencil
  • Paint Brush
  • Sponge Stencil Brush
  • Palette
  • Water Basin


I picked up this dated crock from a local thrift store. I loved the shape but the colors would definitely not go in my kitchen.

Instruction Image #1

Clean the glass surface well with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry before continuing. I started with 3 coats of the Americana Multi Surface in Steel Grey. Allow to dry completely in between coats. The last coat I applied with a sponge stencil brush. This helped to hide the slightly raised floral design on the original thrift store piece.

Instruction Image #2

Allow the third coat to dry, then use the Americana Multi Surface in Night Sky to stencil on a number. This makes the crock have a vintage like appearance.

Instruction Image #3

Allow the paint to dry completely and bake according to the package directions if you would like the crock to be dishwasher safe.

Instruction Image #4

I added my crock to a lazy susan in my kitchen. I love the organization that this piece adds to my kitchen. On one side is a vintage cookie tin that holds cookie cutters and on the other side are mason jars holding clothes pins and box tops for school.

Instruction Image #5

However you use this crock, it is sure to become the star of your kitchen. Be sure to pick up the paints you need and transform a thrift store piece of your own.

Instruction Image #6