Tips for Creating a Coastal Look

Tips for Creating a Coastal Look

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 26th 2014

Beachy and neutral, coastal décor has been a very strong trend in home décor as of late and is a very easy theme to bring into your home.

Start with a neutral color palette on your walls, something like a sandy tan or a light grey. Simple pieces of driftwood, collected seashells, sand and blue tones complete the look. Use these tips for creating coastal décor to pull elements together and create a serene, beachy home.

  • Close your eyes and think about the beach for a moment. What do you see? The elements that you see first are going to be what you natural associate with the beach and coast, so use them in your home décor. Seashells, sand, water.
  • Use Multi-Surface Satin in Coastal Waters, Turquoise Waters, White Birch and Dolphin to paint glass bottles and jars, then fill with branches for a natural look.
  • Create a beach terrarium with sand, seashells and air plants in a glass fishbowl. Place on your coffee table with a few pieces of drift wood.
  • Saturate a linen lamp shade with water, then gently paint So Soft Acrylics in Indian Turquoise, Ocean Blue and Ultra White from bottom to top, creating an ocean look to your lampshade. Gently fade with water.
  • Whenever you are on vacation and there is a beach, pick up a vial of sand, and label it with your destination and date. This will create an instant collection that you can display on a shelf in your new coastal inspired room!

Every year for spring break, my family would vacation to St. Pete’s Beach in Florida and I have fond memories of going shelling with my Dad early in the morning. We would pick up everything from sand dollars to broken shells to full shells, then bring them home and put them in a large, shallow wicker basket that would go on a coffee table in our formal sitting room.

Coastal décor is a very achievable look, and only takes a few trips to the beach to complete. Simple pieces of driftwood, collected seashells, sand and blue tones complete the look. The trick is using natural elements, opening the windows to let the fresh air in, and using light, airy colors.