"Tonight Is Halloween" Canvas

"Tonight Is Halloween" Canvas

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 24th 2014

Here's a fun and easy way to add an errie touch of Halloween to your home décor.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • sandpaper
    • painter's tape
    • stylus
    • 12" square wooden panel
    • #6 floral round brush
    • 3/4" stencil brush
    • fine line pen, #03-80989
    • specialty sponge set, #29-32227
    • canary tracing paper, #28-03838
    • graphite transfer paper, #28-80809
    • white transfer paper, #28-80915



    All supplies available at Cupboard Distributing: www.cdwood.com

    Follow all manufacturer's instructions listed on the labels. Allow appropriate drying time between steps.

    1. Sand the sides and surface of the wooden panel smooth. Seal with Americana Primer & Sealer; let dry, lightly sand again, and wipe clean. Basecoat the surface and sides of the panel Lamp Black. Trace the pattern details onto tracing paper. Lightly transfer the main pattern lines using the transfer paper and a stylus after the background is completed.
    2. Place the Branching Out stencil onto the wooden panel and secure with painter's tape. Load a 3/4" stencil brush with Moon Yellow. Brush across a clean paper towel to remove excess paint and stencil the entire surface.
    3. Load the dirty stencil brush with Persimmon. Starting out from the middle, stencil around the Moon Yellow area, blending softly. Continue loading and stenciling with Persimmon to the edges. Apply a second coat around the edges again with Persimmon to darken. Allow to dry.
    4. Load the edge of a damp large specialty sponge with Payne’s Grey. Using a small circular motion, float paint around the outer edge and side edges.
    5. Following the pattern, use a #6 flora round brush and Lamp Black to paint the bats.
    6. Transfer the lettering pattern onto the panel using white transfer paper. Load a fine line pen with thinned Warm White to outline the lettering.
    7. Remove all tracing lines. Spray seal the panel with several light coats of Americana Matte Spray Finish, allowing appropriate time between coats.


    Project Pattern