Tracy Moreau Color Trends 3

Tracy Moreau Color Trends 3

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 4th 2020

Tracy Moreau, a DecoArt color expert, always knows what colors are on-trend and up-and-coming. We want to share her insights with you so you know what is trending in the home decor and fashion industries.

Below are the colors Tracy featured on her Facebook this week. Three of these colors, Royal Navy, Golden Yellow, and Purple Petal, were new Americana Acrylic colors released in 2019 meaning they are still trending in 2020! 

Royal Navy | Americana Acrylics 
Tracy describes this colors as "regal" and we couldn't agree more. Royal Navy pairs beautifully with Rose Gold, DecoArt's Color of the Month! Easily incorporate this shade into your home decor and wardrobe. 

Golden Yellow | Americana Acrylics 
Pair this golden color with the Royal Navy Americana Acrylic above. Nearly every color palette needs a yellow to brighten it up so why not use this warm, trendy tone. 

Purple Petal | Americana Acrylics 
This fresh color is as innocent and pretty as a pastel and as sophisticated as a jewel tone. Use this color in the winter with whites for a frosted look or as we near spring time as a perfect flowery shade. 

Snow White | Americana Acrylics 
White doesn't have to be boring. Using white can give your projects a bold, luminous look. Pair with black for some major contrast or with a pastel like the Purple Petal Americana Acrylic above for a softer effect.