Tracy Moreau Color Trends 6

Tracy Moreau Color Trends 6

Posted by DecoArt on Feb 15th 2020

Tracy Moreau, a DecoArt color expert, shares what colors are on-trend and up-and-coming each week on Facebook. We want to share her insights with you so you know what is trending in the home décor, craft, and fashion industries. Below are the colors Tracy featured on her Facebook this week! Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

Coral Shell | Americana Acrylics 
This soft, retro color is now an edgy accent color perfect for both fashion and home décor. Achieve a playful vibe by paring Coral Shell with white or a chic vibe by pairing it with black or grey. 

True Red | Americana Acrylics 
You can't get more classic than True Red! Grab this red whenever in doubt to add feminine and sophisticated accents to any outfit or project. This shade is a great accent color for upcoming weddings! 

Antique White | Americana Acrylics 
This shade is a cross between off-white and cream. It gives an aura of luxury effortlessly since it pairs with pretty much anything! Pair it with bold colors versus muted colors for completely different but equally stylish looks. 

Crisp Blue | Americana Acrylics 
Similar to most blues, this shade can be calming in nature, but this Crisp Blue is "saucy and energetic" according to Tracy when paired with red or orange. We couldn't agree more!