Trend: Color-block Crafting

Trend: Color-block Crafting

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 8th 2020

If you've been looking for a way to incorporate more color into your life, color-blocking is a timeless trend that can help you pick winning color combos every time! Color-blocking was initially inspired by the paintings of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. You've probably seen his famous paintings featuring stunning blocks of primary colors and stark black lines. in 1946 French Designer Yves St. Laurent debuted a color-blocked dress based on Mondrian's work which introduced color-blocking into the world of fashion.

Colorblock style

What makes color-blocking such a hit is the use of the color wheel to create stunning combinations. Traditionally color-blocking meant the use of complementary colors, which are colors straight across from one another on the color wheel. Complementary colors are bold and pop against one another for an impactful piece. For a more subtle look, try using analogous colors, which are those in the same color family. For a balanced look, try the triadic or split complementary models. These models are seen often in contemporary home design.

Color wheel
While color-blocking has been around for the decades, the trend has seen a resurgence in 2020 with Spring and Summer fashions featuring brilliant hues in eye-catching patterns. Nowadays abstract shapes are even paired with color-blocking as a way to modernize the decades-old trend.

Colorblock fashion
You can see many examples of color-block creations in crafting, DIY fashion, or home decor. Try combining color-blocking with other popular trends, such as geometric shapes and metallics, to create your own unique project.

Color-block Crafting
These  color-blocked pots and the geometric bowl below used our Patio Paint Outdoor™ to create vivid designs. 

Colorblocking pots
Geo bowl
Our Dazzling Metallics® really stands out on this color-blocked vase and the Glamour Dust™ Glitter Paint adds an extra element to this contemporary hanging planter
Colorblocking vase
Hanging planter

Our  multi-surface acrylics add a modern touch to this rustic memo board.

Colorblocking memo
These Instagram-style ornaments use color-blocking techniques for a photo-ready finish!Full tutorials

Colorblocking heart Herb planter

Color-block DIY

Color-blocking rewards experimentation, so don't be afraid to go bold!  These  neon slip-ons use our SoSoft® Fabric Paint to create a unique style and this color-blocked coffee table uses our Vintage Effect Wash.

Neon slips 2 tiered table

Create a stunning color-blocked statement piece, such as this hanging rack using our Americana® Gloss Enamels™ or this mirror made with our Multi-Surface Satin™. You can also update your wardrobe with these wooden bangles painted with our Americana® Acrylics.
Colorblocking examples Colorblocking mirror Colorblocking bangles

Color-blocking can be used to create unique landscapes or add depth to pieces, like this modern mountain sunset pot and geometric keyholder made with our Americana® Acrylics.

Sunset pot Keyholder
Color-blocking is a trend that makes waves nearly every Summer as crafters and fashionistas alike try to bring a bit of color back into their lives. So no matter what you decide to color-block, you can rest assured that you've created a timeless piece for your house or wardrobe. With over 260 unique colors Americana® Acrylics are here to help you achieve your colorful, crafty dreams! You can find our products online at the DecoArt® website, or find a retailer near you.