Trend: Tie-Dye

Trend: Tie-Dye

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 3rd 2020

Groovy, colorful, and cool; tie-dye is back in a big way! This style is not just for kid's slumber parties or summer camp anymore. Grown-up, fresh tie-dye pieces are being spotted everywhere right now as crafters and fashionistas alike rock this psychedelic trend.


Tie-Dye Methods

What's great about this style is you can really make it your own. There are tons of tie-dye techniques to choose from, from the classic swirl to splatter to folds! Use rubber bands or string to make circles, or crumple up the fabric for a more organic look. Try leaving parts of the fabric white to really make the colors pop, or use the same color throughout. 

tie dye
No matter which method you chose, tie-dying is easy, fast, and fun! It's the perfect activity for a sunny weekend at home, and aren't we all looking for more great things to do at home right now?


Ditch the expensive tie-dye kits! All you need is SoSoft™ Fabric Paint and some rubber bands and you're on your way to creating tie-dyed projects of your own. Simply add water to thin it out and use it as a dye. This paint is specially formulated to stay soft to the touch. Even after repeated washing, SoSoft™ Fabric Paint does not fade. Experiment with different color combos, tie-dying isn't supposed to be a perfect process. Have fun and let your creativity flow!

Tie dye 2

Tie dye sosoft
New Ways to Tie-Dye

Tie-dye isn't just for t-shirts! Add a 60's feel to some old tea towels, a scarf, or turn fabric scraps into a boho door hanger with this easy method.

Tea towel
Final tea towel
Silk scarf
Wall hang peace sign
Splatter Paint

Still looking to get colorful? Try splattering paint for a fun effect! Kids love this technique, and it works well on fabric, canvas, or any other surface you want to decorate.

Painted bandanas
Splatter paint leggings
Wall art black light neon
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