Trendy Color Palettes to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Trendy Color Palettes to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 22nd 2017

Whether your home in is in a suburb in the heartland or on a cliff overlooking the Pacific, we want to inspire you to add some personality to your home's exterior with our Americana Decor Curb Appeal paint. It comes in a variety, inter-mixable colors that can be used on doors, shutters, mailboxes, planters, and more to create your own unique style. 

Here are 7 different, on-trend color palettes to help you pick one that is right for your home. 

Palm Springs:
Synonymous with style and glamour, sunny Palm Springs has influenced design since its heyday of the 1930s. Think elegant minimalism and pops of saturated color. This color palette will have your neighbors wondering if someone from the Hollywood elite has moved in next door.

Contemporary Farmhouse:
Modern farmhouses have large, bare windows to let as much of the outdoors in as possible. There is a use of worn metals, mixed woods, and at least one interior barn door throughout. The colors tend to be lots of white with muted shades playing against the warmth of the wood tones. 

Embrace the carefree, relaxed lifestyle of boho style with this color palette. Boho style is all about warmth and the exotic. Don't be afraid to mix some patterns in to create an eclectic, gathered look for your home. Commit to a bold door color with shutters in a contrasting color. Add the pattern in on planters that flank your doorway and a welcome mat that will make visitors want to know what's behind that bold front door!

Reclaimed Industrial:
Wood, steel, and cool colors dominate a reclaimed industrial styled space. This works well for an urban dwelling or a modern style home. Keep accent items to a minimum and let the worn color palette speak for your home. Add a reclaimed light fixture to your entryway to complete the look.

French Neoclassic:
Classic is right there in the name because this color palette and style have a timeless appeal. To get it just right, make sure you have some freshly painted urns to flank your doorway and paint a Greek key motif onto a door mat. These are key elements to this overall look. This is a more elegant and sophisticated style so a home with clean lines will look best with it. 

Vintage Eclectic:
The best thing about a vintage eclectic style is how easy it is to implement! The color palette is both fun and inclusive. It's an "anything goes" mentality that thrives on curated, vintage pieces to make it pop. Lots of potted greenery might be all you need to complete this look. 

Classic Americana:
Patriotism doesn't have to be regulated to a few days a year. Show your country pride by adding classic, American colors to your exterior. This look works especially well on Cape Cod style cottages or 1930s farmhouses. Avoid stars and stripes patterns if you don't want to be too heavy-handed with this look or fully commit to it and go all out with some vintage flag motifs on planters and wall hangings.

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