Upcycle an Old Drawer or Cupboard into a Sign for your Home

Upcycle an Old Drawer or Cupboard into a Sign for your Home

Posted by DecoArt on Mar 27th 2014

I always like the idea of doing projects with wood but I am a little intimidated about cutting wood myself. And I don't have any power tools....yet. But I've found a wonderful solution to this problem.

Grab an old drawer or cupboard. A little sanding and painting and you have a beautiful piece of wood to work with. If you don't have any old drawer fronts or cupboards, that's ok. Find a friend who is renovating, check craigslist, or find a local Habitat for Humanity Restore. Have you heard of those places? At the Restores you can find old cupboards and drawers in all shapes and sizes for $1. Can't beat that.

Items Needed:

  • Old Drawer Front Or Cupboard (try The Habitat For Humanity Restore If Needed)
  • Vinyl Lettering


Fill any holes that need filling using the wood filler:

Instruction Image #1

Wait for that to dry and then sand it nice and smooth:

Instruction Image #2

Now, grab your All Purpose Acrylic paint and roll it on. I use a foam roller and did 2-3 coats.

Instruction Image #3

Once it's dry get some vinyl lettering and add that. I just returned from a blog conference where the theme was "Create Joy" and I loved that thought so I decided to use it. You could do a name or a word or phrase. Anything really.

Instruction Image #4

Instruction Image #5

Love it! And so easy!

Instruction Image #6