Upcycled Cookie Jar

Upcycled Cookie Jar

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 23rd 2015

I always love a good design challenge and today I am excited because DecoArt challenged me to transform a garage sale find into something beautiful using their Chalky Finish paints!  So really, that is two challenges.  The first was finding something for sale, cheap and paintable.  The second challenge was to paint it and turn it into something beautiful.  So today I am sharing how I Upcycled a $3 Cookie Jar into something beautiful!

Items Needed:

  • Cookie Jar
  • Knob
  • Foam Brush
  • Screw Driver


While looking for something to upcycle this unassuming cookie jar caught my eye.  The shape of the jar was nice and it was a nice size, but the lid was dated and blah.  I knew a fresh coat of paint and a fun new use would turn this into a really fun item!

This project is perfect for Chalky Paint because I don't have to worry about sanding it and the paint adheres wonderfully!  Chalky paint also dries quickly and doesn't have the odors that spray paint has.  I would NOT want to use spray paint in a project like this where the fumed could get trapped in the jar with food.  Ew.  So chalky paint is really a great option for a project like this!  I also love the many color options that DecoArt has for this paint!  So you can completely customize this to your preference!

Instruction Image #2

The first thing I did was to remove the existing wooden knob from the lid.

Instruction Image #3

Next I gave the of the lid two good coats of paint and let it dry completely.

Instruction Image #4

After it was dry I screwed the new knob back onto the lid and filled it with yummy goodies!

Instruction Image #5

Of course this is cute as a cookie jar...

Instruction Image #6

But it is also cute as a cupcake liner holder...

Instruction Image #7

Or a candy holder...

Instruction Image #8

Oh the options are endless!

I think it is such a fun and great way to turn an outdated cookie jar into something fun and beautiful.

What would you use a jar like this for?