Valentine's Day Gift Idea | I Miss you Sign

Valentine's Day Gift Idea | I Miss you Sign

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 20th 2021

Make a wooden long distance valentine sign, with DecoArt® Suede™, to send your love


  • sandpaper
  • liner brush
  • X-Acto® knife
  • masking tape
  • tracing & transfer paper
  • small flat brush
  • medium flat brush
  • pencil
  • wooden USA sign


  1. Any size or material of US will work for this project. (TIP: If your piece is not plain, just apply a solid basecoat and allow to dry.)
  2. Instruction #1
  3. Gather the materials.
  4. Instruction #2
  5. Remove any stickers and lightly sand the wooden US map.
  6. Instruction #3
  7. Decide where the long distance hearts will go. Place masking tape on each area where the state is on the map. Also apply masking tape connecting each state. (This is for the Xs and Os.) Draw on the hearts, the Xs, and the Os. (Or print out the provided pattern and trace on, if needed.) Cut out the hearts and letters using an X-Acto knife.
  8. Instruction #4
  9. Remove the excess tape leaving the resist.
  10. Instruction #5
  11. Press down the letters and hearts to insure that they are stuck.
  12. Instruction #6
  13. Using a flat brush, paint on Burgundy Suede with a cross hatch motion.
  14. Instruction #7
  15. Carefully remove the resist with an X-Acto knife. Allow to dry. Add additional coats of Burgundy for the full suede effect. (Be careful not to paint the resisted areas.) Allow to dry.
  16. Instruction #8
  17. Paint hearts with 24K Gold. Allow to dry and reapply. Let dry completely.
  18. Instruction #9
  19. For the letters, paint on Rose Silk using a small flat brush. Allow to dry and add a second coat if needed.
  20. Instruction #10
  21. Send your long distance valentine to the someone you love, or keep as a decoration to think of them often.
  22. Instruction #11


Sample Pattern