Victorian Romance Floral Tray

Victorian Romance Floral Tray

Posted by DecoArt on Feb 13th 2015

Spruce up a previously painted tray with DecoArt's Victorian Romance decoupage paper.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • scissors
    • pencil
    • 3/4" flat brush
    • painter's or masking tape
    • 8-1/2" x 12" wooden tray



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    Stripes on tray are optional. We updated a previously painted tray that already had stripes.

    1. Use 3/4 flat brush and Yesteryear to paint tray.
    2. OPTIONAL: Mask off stripes with painters tape. Use 3/4 flat brush and Everlasting to paint stripes. Remove tape.
    3. Place paper face down and position tray on paper. Use pencil to trace around tray. Use scissors to cut inside pencil line. Place paper inside tray to check for fit. Trim with scissors, if necessary.
    4. Use 3/4 brush to apply Decoupage Matte inside tray bottom. Position and smooth out decoupage paper working from center out to edges to remove bubbles under paper. Apply another coat of Decoupage Matte over paper. Once dry, add additional coat, if desired.