Vintage Collage Tag

Vintage Collage Tag

Posted by DecoArt on Apr 19th 2017

I love mixing styles when putting projects together and this started off with shabby paint layers but changed to journaling style with the addition of the stencil and then moved onto vintage with the collage ephemera and vintage photo; but they mix well don’t you think?

Items Needed:


Start with some DecoArt chalky finish paints and a brayer. Four layers drying between each one I began with Relic.

Instruction Image #1

Repeat with Primitive...

Instruction Image #2

then Restore...

Instruction Image #3

and finally with Lace.

Instruction Image #4

I wanted to keep some of the peeled paint look but also wanted it to be brighter and shabbier so I grabbed a 12 x 12 stencil, painted it with white tinting base...

Instruction Image #5

and laid it over the tag rubbing it down with some kitchen towel...

Instruction Image #6

so that when I pulled it away it revealed random mottled dots with a white fill in.

Instruction Image #7

Look at the texture the white tinting base has to it just because it was sandwiched between the tag and the stencil.

Instruction Image #8

Stamp into the spots using a text stamp, mine was an old one with French script on it. The two photos below show the technique and how it looked when I took the stencil away.

Instruction Image #9

Start collecting together the ephemera and embellishments for this large tag. What I begin with isn’t always what I finish with...

Instruction Image #10

Ink and alter them ready to use and layer up. I started with the metal pieces to make the attachment for the word band and these pieces were altered with Iced Espresso Metallic Lustre.

Instruction Image #11

I put together the collage layer by layer...

Instruction Image #12

layer two...

Instruction Image #13

layer three with a grounding strip (where the feet will go) and brush the surface of all the papers with matte Decou-Page.

Instruction Image #14

Give all these pieces a wash of tinting base to bring about overall cohesion.

Instruction Image #15

Then add some Burnt Umber, Raw Umber and Quinacridone Gold around the edges to give a slight rust effect to it. Use the water spritzer and watery colours with a small brush adding and drying until you are happy with it.

Instruction Image #16

To finish I added the film strip, metal number, focal photo and butterfly. Then add a button with some rusty wire in the hole at the top.

Instruction Image #17

Thanks for stopping by today to take a look at my project. Please ask any questions in the comment box below or email me – the address is on the sidebar of my blog.


Hugs Brenda xxx