Vintage Tea

Vintage Tea

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 26th 2017

This project was inspired by my mother’s tea cup collection and my love for afternoon tea!

Items Needed:


Re-Purposing a used canvas creates interest from the beginning. Colors and shapes peek out

from underneath the crackle medium as seen in the beginning photo. Giving instant depth and mystery.

Generously apply Crackle Paste to the surface, leaving bits of the original showing underneath.

When dry, sketch on the design.

Instruction Image #1

Add a thin layer of paint to cups and saucer in the following colors and order of cups:

Cerulean Blue, Dioxide Purple, Cobalt Teal Hue and Dioxide Purple to saucer.

Wash Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide onto white areas of the cups and table cloth. (foreground)

Using a stencil, add Dioxazine Purple stencil- see photo for placement

When first layer of paint is dry, shade cups and saucer with same colors, giving them some depth.

Instruction Image #2

Using the Decou-Page, apply tea tag, butterfly and paper doily.

Stencil Burnt Umber lettering and swirl to background.

Instruction Image #3

Deepen Shading on design by adding Cerulean Blue to Cobalt Teal areas, more dioxide purple to purple and Burnt Umber to blue areas. Just tap the colors onto the areas. This will create some more texture. See photo for placement.

Using Primary Magenta, tap in little flowers to top and bottom cups. Follow with tiny leaves

tapped in with Yellow Green Light.

Develop flowers with Titanium White strokes within each flower. Repeat with Primary Magenta if necessary.

Strength shading to cups and saucer once more. See photo. I like to layer as I go. Always editing and always adding.

Dot in Titanium White highlights where needed.

Instruction Image #4

Finishing Touches:

Lightly brush Raw Umber Antiquing Cream to edges and onto background. Wipe excess off with a paper towel. When dry, follow with Patina Green Antiquing Cream to Edges and background. Wipe excess off with paper towel.

Add a small amount of Cerulean Blue over the Patina Green if desired.

Splatter with Primary Magenta, Dioxide Purple.

When all is dry, apply Metallic Gold to outer edges of cups, saucer, handles and bottom design.

Tap in some gold dots to blue, top cup. Hint: This works best by using an Ultra-Fine Writer tip to your paint bottle. Best invention!

Now you have earned that spot of tea!

Instruction Image #5