Vintage Telephone Painting with Floral Wallpaper

Vintage Telephone Painting with Floral Wallpaper

Posted by DecoArt on Feb 9th 2017

This vintage phone painting is a great way to practice your decorative painting skills using Premium Tube Acrylics.


    • stylus or pencil
    • transfer paper
    • ruler
    • flat brush
    • canvas
    • palette knife
    • round brush


    1. First, draw a horizontal line 1/3 of the way up the canvas. Mix together Magenta, White, and a little bit of Dark Grey and paint the mixture on the bottom portion of the canvas with a flat brush. Mix Cobalt Turquoise, Yellow Green, and white and paint the mixture on the top of the canvas.
    2. Transfer the flower pattern randomly over the top half of the canvas. Paint the white flowers in Titan Buff. Mix Magenta and White to paint the pink flowers. Use Sap Green and mixes of Sap Green and Titan Buff for the leaves. Use a mix of Cobalt Turqoise, Grey, and White for the blue flowers.
    3. Mix Magenta, Cobalt Turquoise, Grey, and White and paint the center of the flowers in the mixture. Mix Magenta and White to paint the line details on the pink flower. Mix lighter and darker shades of green to add the details of the leaves.
    4. Mix Grey with Matte Medium. Brush this over the horizon line to create a shadow.
    5. Transfer the telephone towards the bottom center of the canvas. Basecoat the phone in a mix of White and Cadmium Yellow.
    6. Add Yellow Oxide into the phone basecoat for the shadows and add White into the mixture for the highlights.
    7. Paint the dial of the phone in Grey and White. Add black letters with a liner brush. Create a pink flower in the center of the phone dial the same as in background.


    Telephone Pattern