What is Santa Reading

What is Santa Reading

Posted by DecoArt on Nov 1st 2017

Santa? Reading? Hmmmm…the question is...what?

I think he is reading the elves a bedtime story. 

What do you think?

Items Needed:


Choose a substrate and apply gesso to the surface. As you apply gesso, add the color of your choice for a blended background.

In this painting – Medium Gray Value 6 was used with the white gesso. When dry, draw or stencil your design. 

Instruction Image #1

Begin painting – add layers. Honestly… I never expected to be able to paint a Santa face…or any face for that matter. But hey… it’s all about the layers.

I just kept painting one layer of paint after another and Santa finally started looking better. Another secret is using the WONDERFUL translucent fluid acrylic colors here and there. They just help the layers blend together so well.

Instruction Image #2

Take a break from Santa’s face and work a bit on his book!

What kind of book is it?  I know what you are thinking! Use the stencil of your choice with crackle paste. Allow it to air dry well. 

Instruction Image #3

When completely dry, begin adding color to your stenciled image. You can also add your first layer of paint to your book cover.

Here is a DecoArt Media video to help you paint the crackle paste similar to Santa’s book décor. 

Instruction Image #4

Once again, remember to layer your paint colors. Pick out 4 to 5 colors of paint and begin applying them to Santa’s book cover – just randomly.  It’s fun to use an old brush that’s bristles are rather beat up, and add the paint with a circular motion. 

Keep your brush a bit on the dry side, and blend your colors. DecoArt fluid acrylics are so lovely when blended because they produce so many different hues of the colors. In the photo below you will see the progression of the layered blending.

Instruction Image #5

Now back to Santa’s face.  Does his beard seem overwhelming?

Here is a hint: it’s just lines… layers of lines and layers of colors! Look at the close-up below and see all the various size and shapes of the lines that make up Santa’s beard.

Instruction Image #6

What kind of hat do you want Santa to wear? This one has a “night cap” style since I’m thinking He might be reading bedtime stories! Sketch in Santa’s hat and choose your color.  This Santa almost had a DecoArt Media Metallic Gold hat, but in the end, Pyrrole Red won out!

Instruction Image #7

Most fun of all… painting the fur on Santa’s hat. Paint the base of the fur with Titanium White. Find an old, small brush and, using your DecoArt Media White Gesso, dab on your fur – one spot at a time.  You can also add a little dash of Titan Buff if you want the fur to look a bit more ‘used’!

Instruction Image #8

Varnish your creation with the DecoArt Media Varnish of your choice. Here is Santa saying “Howdy” to you from his stop in Texas!

Instruction Image #9

DecoArt Media products are truly ideal for a canvas artist like myself. Best of all they are just as great for crafting projects. Best of all artistic worlds!


Wishing you and your family, as well as all my DecoArt family…A BLESSED and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Xj.

Instruction Image #10