"Who's That Girl" Art Journal Card

"Who's That Girl" Art Journal Card

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 15th 2015

See how I create this 4x6" Art Journal card using DecoArt Media.

Items Needed:


Tear a strip off an old dictionary page and glue it (slightly off-center) to the art journaling card using Antique Decou-Page. Trim off any excess once dry.

Instruction Image #1

Randomly brush on some Chalky Finish Heirloom and Treasure, leaving visible brush strokes.

Instruction Image #2

Using the media Matte Medium apply a piece of rough ribbon and let dry.

Instruction Image #3

Make a mix of a teaspoon of Media Texture Sand Paste with four drops of Media Fluid Acrylic Transparent Red Iron Oxide and scrape on randomly with a palette knife. Let dry thoroughly.

Instruction Image #4

Add some script by stamping with black archival ink to create additional texture.

Instruction Image #5

Spray on some Turquoise Media Shimmer Mister in various spots and moisten with water from the spray bottle to create some dripping lines by holding the journal card upright. Lay flat once content with the look and let dry.

Instruction Image #6

Cut to size a portrait and glue onto a slightly larger piece of old dictionary page so it builds a frame. Fix to the journal card with four brads.

Instruction Image #7

Stamp your quote onto some stained paper scrap, cut out the single words and glue to the journal card. Done.

Instruction Image #8