Winter Welcome Snowman Shelf

Winter Welcome Snowman Shelf

Posted by DecoArt on Nov 21st 2014

A friendly snowman is the focal point of this decorative shelf, ideal for a foyer or entry way.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • tracing paper
    • transfer paper
    • embellishment of choice (pinecones and artificial greenery)
    • stylus
    • old toothbrush
    • #4 shader brush
    • 120-grit sandpaper
    • #10/0 liner brush
    • matching ribbon
    • #2 shader brush
    • wooden shelf
    • #12 shader brush
    • stencil



    Sealing the wood before painting is not necessary but can be done if desired. (It is often easier to blend paints on unsealed wood.) If you choose not to seal, then dampen the wood with water before painting.

    1. Starting at the bottom of the plaque, begin painting Williamsburg Blue, picking up Winter Blue, and then Warm White as you move toward the top. (Slip-slap the colors together and softly blend.) Allow to dry and repeat if necessary.
    2. Trace and transfer the pattern onto the plaque.
    3. Dry-brush or float in cheeks with a circle of Poodleskirt Pink. Repeat if needed.
    4. The smile line and lower lip are Crimson Tide.
    5. Strengthen the cheek color next to the smile with a mix of Poodleskirt Pink and a small amount of Crimson Tide. (Side-load the brush and float this step.) Do the same for the lower lip.
    6. Basecoat the nose Tangelo Orange. Float Georgia Clay across the bottom for some shading. Add Warm White snow to the top of the nose.
    7. Using an old stiff toothbrush, spatter the snowman and add free-hand snowflakes with Warm White. (If you have stencil, that works well also.)
    8. The lettering is Lamp Black. Spatter Warm White again slightly over the lettering.
    9. Basecoat the hat (shelf) Lamp Black. Sand the edges for distressed look. Spatter Warm White.
    10. Spray the plaque and shelf with Americana Matte Spray Finish several times, allowing to dry between coats.
    11. Embellish the shelf with pinecone or greenery and ribbon. Attach a hanger to the back.


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