Winter Wonderland Dome Village

Winter Wonderland Dome Village

Posted by DecoArt on Nov 21st 2014

This frosty village, surrounded by glass dome and embellished with Americana® Frost Gloss Enamels, is an ideal winter accent.


    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • rubbing alcohol
    • scissors
    • ruler
    • glass dome with wooden bottom
    • Contac® paper
    • Sharpie® marker
    • X-Acto® knife
    • cosmetic sponge


    1. Clean the glass dome with rubbing alcohol and paper towels. Let dry completely.
    2. Measure and cut the Contac® paper out to the circumference of the dome.
    3. Use a Sharpie® marker to trace the pattern onto the the Contac® paper.
    4. Use an X-Acto® knife to cut out the buildings, windows, and doors.
    5. Peel off the backing and place the Contac® paper where you want it on the dome. Replace the window and door pieces.
    6. Lightly dip a cosmetic or art sponge into White Frost. Dab off the excess onto a plate or palette before applying to the surface. Lightly dab around the whole pattern. Repeat for desired frost intensity. Let dry completely.
    7. Run an X-Acto® knife around edge of Contac® paper and paint. Carefully remove the Contac® paper.


    Village Pattern