Witch and Cauldron Pumpkin for Halloween

Witch and Cauldron Pumpkin for Halloween

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 9th 2014

Bubble, bubble: it's no trouble to create this Halloween accent with MagiKote and lots of Americana Acrylic color.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • scissors
    • painter's tape
    • 3/4" flat brush
    • #10 flat brush
    • toothpicks
    • #4 round brush
    • low temp-hot glue gun and glue sticks
    • fan brush
    • 3/8" wooden dowel rod
    • handsaw
    • black chenille stems
    • two medium foam pumpkins
    • silver foil chenille stem
    • Styrofoam (flat sheet; two small balls; one medium ball; one large ball)
    • Fun Foam sheets
    • black string or yarn
    • Crayola® Model Magic
    • lavender grosgrain ribbon
    • 5/8" wooden dowel rod
    • Versa Tool



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    1. Cauldron: Use VersaTool or craft knife to cut off pumpkin top (approximately 1/4 down). Use cutout as template for piece of flat Styrofoam. Cut Styrofoam piece to fit inside cauldron top.
    2. Use 3/4" flat brush to paint pumpkin Lamp Black and Styrofoam circle Citron Green.
    3. Use pencil to draw various size flame shapes on red and orange foam. Cut out shapes with scissors. Position and glue flames to cauldron.
    4. Use #10 flat brush to paint eyelids on Styrofoam balls with Festive Green. Add two Lamp Black dots for eyes.
    5. Roll black Model Magic into long thick rope. Position and glue onto cauldron rim.
    6. Crumple paper and push into cauldron. Insert green foam circle into opening over paper.
    7. Push toothpick into bottom of each eye. Position and push opposite end of toothpick into green foam circle.
    8. Roll red Model Magic into small rope. Pinch off three pieces for each "hand". Position on cauldron rim next to eyes. Secure with glue if necessary.
    9. Witch Head: Use craft knife to cut out nose and chin shapes from Styrofoam. Position and secure pieces on large Styrofoam ball with toothpicks and glue.
    10. Use fan brush to apply MagiKote to entire head. Let dry. Sand and repeat.
    11. Use 3/4" flat brush to paint head Sour Apple.
    12. Use #4 round brush and Lamp Black to paint eyes looking down, eyelids, eyebrows, nostrils, and smile.
    13. Use same brush with Snow White to fill in eyes and teeth and then use Lavender for eye color and mole.
    14. Cut chenille stems into hair lengths of choice, stick into head, and bend to mess up hair.
    15. Use scissors to cut black fun foam into 12" circle. Use second piece of fun foam to form cone. Staple cone together and glue cone to circle then hat to head. Add ribbon and bow, securing with glue.
    16. Body: Use Versa Tool or craft knife to cut scalloped edge approximately 1/4 from bottom of medium pumpkin. Retain removed pumpkin piece for another use.
    17. Use 3/4" flat brush to paint pumpkin Lavender.
    18. Fill body with pieces of Styrofoam and secure with glue.
    19. Cut circle of black foam to fit inside pumpkin. Position and secure with glue.
    20. Use saw to cut arm dowels in half. Use #10 flat brush to paint Sour Apple.
    21. Use pencil to draw hands on green fun foam; cut out with scissors. (If you don't have correct color of green foam, use #10 flat brush to paint Sour Apple.) Position and adhere to arms
    22. Legs & Feet Use saw to cut dowel in half. Use painter's tape to tape off stripes 1" apart on both dowels.
    23. Use #10 flat brush and Lavender for stripes. Remove tape and paint remaining stripes Sour Apple. Stick legs into body evenly. Secure with glue.
    24. Cut pointy witch shoes from Styrofoam sheet. Shape shoes including small square on top for buckle. Use fan brush to apply MagiKote. Let dry. Sand and repeat. Paint shoes Lamp Black with 3/4" flat brush. Brush Shimmering Silver over buckles. Push leg dowels down through top of shoes and secure with glue
    25. Spider: Use #10 flat brush and Lamp Black to paint Styrofoam ball spider. Use #4 round brush and Snow White to add eyes and outline mouth. Use brush handle end dipped in Lamp Black to dot on eyes. Paint tongue Tuscan Red.
    26. Use scissors to cut chenille stems for legs and stick in sides of body. Bend in middle and at ends.
    27. Push silver chenille stem end into spider's back. Secure with glue. Bend stem in several places. Make loop around opposite end of stem and wrap around witch's hand.


    Witch Face Pattern