Wood Block Street Art

Wood Block Street Art

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 12th 2015

I have a lot of leftover pieces of wood from building a new porch and I thought it's a great idea to create some art with them.

Items Needed:


Gather wood blocks and cut to size like a house. Prime the wood block with Media Gesso White.

Instruction Image #1

Use your favorite colours of Media Misters. Spray and let the paint run. Start with the lightest colour and let dry before using the next one to prevent mixing the colours and getting a muddy look.

Instruction Image #2

I stamped two sides of the house near the roof, because the laser copy image is too short to fit the house completely.

Instruction Image #3

I'm using Media Tinting Base only on the black image. 

Instruction Image #4

I adhered the laser copy image to the wood block with Media Matte Medium.

Instruction Image #5

Progress of removing the paper with a wet sponge

Instruction Image #6

Instruction Image #7

The image looks clear after removing all the paper and needs to be sealed. I used Media Ultra Matte Varnish.

Instruction Image #8

I completed all four sides the same way and painted the roof with Media Fluid Acrylics Hansa Yellow Light and Quinacridone Red on top.

Instruction Image #9