Zigzag Lines Pot

Zigzag Lines Pot

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 1st 2014

A scrapbook paper rose and Americana® Acrylics embolden a plain terra cotta pot.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • tracing paper
    • transfer paper
    • scissors
    • 6" terra cotta pot
    • sheet of scrapbook paper
    • 3/4" glaze/wash brush
    • #4 flat shader brush
    • #6 flat shader brush
    • silicon glue
    • scrap of beige burlap fabric
    • 6" dark pink plus white baker's twine
    • scrap of corrugated cardboard or paper
    • small sea sponge
    • scrap pieces of newspaper
    • small clothespin or hair clip
    • stylus or ballpoint pen


    1. Using a 3/4” wash/glaze brush, basecoat the pot sides and rim Yellow Ochre; inside of the pot with 1: 2 mix of Yellow Ochre and Snow White.
    2. Copy the zigzag lines pattern onto the tracing paper and cut out.
    3. Tape the tracing paper (with zigzag lines patterns on) together along one side, connecting the dotted lines together at A to C and B to D.
    4. Position the zigzag pattern around the pot with the top dotted line right under rim. Place graphite transfer paper underneath the pattern and transfer the zigzag lines onto the pot with a stylus or ballpoint pen.
    5. Using the #4 flat shader brush, paint zigzag lines Raw Sienna.
    6. Using a sea sponge, sponge Yellow Ochre lightly and randomly over the sides of the pot.
    7. To make the rose, transfer petal patterns onto scrapbook paper in the same way as above. Cut the petals out of scrapbook paper and paint both sides with the 1:1 mix of Baby Pink and Snow White on the #6 flat shader brush.
    8. Crumble up a piece of newspaper and pounce it in a puddle of Snow White. Stamp over the rose petals with crumbled newspaper, reloading with paint as often as necessary.
    9. Glue three larger sections with petal A over petal B. Hold in place with a small clothespin or hair clip until dry.
    10. Roll the outside and inside centers together and glue in place. Allow to dry.
    11. To assemble the rose, glue petal section 2 to inside of petal section 1 and petal section 3 to inside of petal section 2. Spread glue on the outside bottom of inside center and push it into the outside center; push these two center pieces into the center of the glued rose petal sections. Allow to dry.
    12. Cut the bottom of the rose where center parts protrude as evenly and flat as possible. Set aside.
    13. Transfer the tag onto tracing paper and scrapbook paper as described in steps 1 and 2 above. Cut out the tag and, using the #6 flat shader brush, paint both front and back with a 1:4 mix of Yellow Ochre and Snow White.
    14. Using a small piece of corrugated cardboard or paper as stamp, dip in Yellow Ochre, and stamp stripes across the top, down sides, and across the bottom. (See photo.)
    15. Add a little Honey Brown to the stamp and add random accents to previous stamping.
    16. Cut piece of dark pink and white baker’s twine to 62”, wrap around the pot rim twice, and tie the tag on, forming a bow. Trim ends.
    17. Using the leaf pattern, cut two leaves out of burlap. Unravel ends of the leaves a little and glue them on the rim, to the side of the tag. (See photo.)
    18. Prop pot flat on its side and glue a rose to the middle of the leaves. Allow to dry.


    Flower Pattern
    Zigzag Lines Pattern